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Data Rooms and Capital Raising

Data rooms are reputed to be a valuable tool for companies that are being acquired, but provide great benefits to those raising capital. As a central point to organize, share, and managing the essential documents that an investor will need to review during their due diligence process using a virtual Data Room allows you to speed up your fundraise and give you more confidence in the performance of your business.

It can be challenging for founders to decide on the information they should include in their investor information room. While the requirements of each business will differ slightly, the majority of investors will require similar items. To help you start we’ve compiled a checklist of common documents to include in your investor data space, along with suggestions of how to organize the documents.

A brief introduction deck – a basic PDF of your pitch that can be stored in the same spot as your other documents – is the perfect way to quickly engage investors. It’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate that your company takes your transparency and communication with investors seriously.

The inclusion of past investor updates proves that you’ve always taken their feedback into account, and are willing to share your experiences with them even when the results haven’t been as good. These updates don’t just demonstrate your ability to manage the challenges of life, but also build confidence with your investors. The tracking feature in your Data Room allows you to track which investors are interacting with the documents, and the time they spend in each folder. This will give you a better idea of how serious investors are about investing and provide you with the information required to make an informed choice.

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