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Merger Acquisition Integration Best Practices

A well-planned merger acquisition integration process can help you realize a greater percentage of your deal value. It is a difficult process that requires a mix of operational skills, organizational abilities and finance, as well as changes management, and cultural understanding to be successful. Those that get it right have the potential to earn 6 to 12 percent higher total returns to shareholders than those who don’t.

The company that is buying should begin thinking about the integration process as early as possible during the due diligence and negotiation phases. A thorough analysis of the culture of the target company will help determine the best strategy for due diligence, top-management meetings and initial integration planning. In one healthcare acquisition, for instance, managers relied on their initial insights into the culture of the target to make strategic decisions regarding how to assess synergies as well as structuring teams for integration. They took tactical decisions, like limiting the number of people attended the initial meetings and limiting the number functionafreeze windows 10 automatic repair
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One of the key practices we observe in successful large mergers is the use of an organized method for capturing synergies. This includes putting line leaders in charge of reaching their goals and holding them accountable for the results. It also involves integrating synergies within leaders’ annual operating budgets and plans.

It is essential to have an integrated management team for the duration of the post-close integration phase, which could be up to two years. The team should have the authority to act swiftly and have access to all relevant information.

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