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Ubuntu Wins ‘Best Distro’ Award in Linux Journal Reader’s Poll

Configuration of Chef revolves around Git, so knowledge of how Git works is a prerequisite for Chef operation. Like Puppet, Chef is based on Ruby, so knowledge of Ruby is also required. As with Puppet, modules can be downloaded or written from scratch, and deployed to managed nodes following required configuration.

Which Linux is best for electronics engineers?

  • Multisim.
  • Pspice.
  • Eagle.
  • KeilUvision.

Its release cycle is shorter than most other distros, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest software available. There are many different distributions (“distros”) available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will take a look at 12 of the best Linux distros for developers.

Red Hat

For the moment only two aspects of a network device can be managed, interfaces and vlans. If you want to use the GUI for Ansible there is also an open source version called Ansible AWX – this is unsupported but does give you the chance to benefit from all the features of Tower for free. This is a file that is written in Yaml which describes each task that it is going to perform and which module is going to perform it. The YAML file is human readable so even the most junior engineers can understand what a Playbook is going to go. Patch the full stack, from kernel to library and applications, for CVE compliance.

best linux distro for network engineers

With Linux, you can easily tailor your development environment to your specific needs, from choosing your preferred desktop environment to customizing system settings to your liking. Here the Ubuntu is one of the most user friendly Linux distributions available today. It utilizes GNOME for its desktop environment, which provides users with a graphical interface that they can utilize to carry out simple tasks.

Introduction to Networking Training

Many (but not all) of the systems on the above list use the RPM (previously known as the Red Hat Package Manager). Version control is essential for managing your codebase, and Linux offers several popular options such as Git, Mercurial, and SVN. Git, in particular, is widely used and well-supported on Linux, making it a great choice for most developers. Check out my article from last week on Git with some cool whale infographics. One of the key features of Fedora is its commitment to providing the latest software packages and technologies. This means that developers who choose Fedora as their platform can expect to have access to the newest and most up-to-date tools available, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and work more efficiently.

  • If you are a beginner Linux user or new to the Linux ecosystem, then this is the best option for you.
  • The post will end will some paid options but mainly in the devops world most tools are open source.
  • Each of these releases can run as a standalone operating system, or you can run it as a virtual machine on a host computer.

Puppet nodes periodically pull definitions from the puppetmaster server to verify config against master config, whereas Ansible is only a push model. There is also a version called Ansible Engine which is the core of Ansible driven by CLI but with a paid support model from RedHat. As of today Ansible has over 200 different network modules for vendors such as F5, Arista, Cloudengine and Junos to name a few. That’s why Ubuntu supports the fastest, biggest and most successful digital operations.

Carrier-grade private cloud

Linux distributions use package management systems to simplify the process of installing, updating, and managing software. Some common package managers include apt for Debian-based distributions (e.g., Ubuntu), dnf for Fedora, yum for Red Hat-based distributions (e.g., CentOS), and pacman for Arch Linux. I have been asked how to install packages on just about every technical interview that involved linux questions.

best linux distro for network engineers

We are happy to see CVs from all candidates who meet the requirements and will be happy to discuss the remuneration package. Our numbers are growing 500+ software professionals and enthusiasts with a deep internal flame for developing the best technology solutions together with our customers. At the moment we are looking for experienced Embedded Linux Software Engineer to strengthen our Tampere team. You would start your journey in one of our most interesting and challenging projects.

It’s the foundation of Oracle Autonomous Linux

As an example with Junos the Chef agent is supported on the same OS based devices as Puppet. The Juniper Chef module provides options for configuring (same as Puppet) – Physical interfaces, L2 switch ports, VLANs, Link aggregation groups. Similar to Puppet, for Junos operations, the Chef agent makes configuration changes under exclusive lock, and logs all commit operations.

  • In addition, Ubuntu uses the Advanced Package management Tool (APT) package manager of Debian, which is a powerful tool for software management.
  • With Cisco Nexus switches you can install a puppet agent and utilise all the features of Puppet.
  • Aside from all the open source options, Cisco are not lagging behind and have their own network automation tool.
  • In summary, Ubuntu is a top choice for developers who value ease of use, community support, extensive software packages, reliability, and security.
  • UNIX, developed in the 1970s at AT&T’s Bell Labs ( I have been to both the murray hill and naperville locations and it’s a telecom nerds playland), is a family of multitasking, multi-user operating systems.
  • There are hundreds of Linux distributions available, and each has its own release cycle, programming language support, and desktop environment.
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